Technical meeting Technical meeting


IDGF technical member meeting

Date : September 24, 2014

The 50 organisations and 250 individuals who are member of the International Desktop Grid Federation, hardly get an opportunity to meet other members and discuss common issues and opportunities. This first, large member meeting will be organised around common topics of interest that will be introduced and then discussed. At the end of the day the members will leave with a lot of exciting new ideas for their own infrastructure and donors.

Programme Programme

The IDGF technical meeting will concentrate on topics that are of direct interest to the member organisations of IDGF, especially those who operate Desktop Grids or Crowd Computing as we call it today.

This year we will focus on 3 themes for Desktop Grid/Crowd computing operators:
1. Financial aspects
2. Managing and operations
3. Communication, especially with citizens


9:00 Welcome & Introduction
9:15 Morning keynote
9:45 Coffee

10:15 Theme: Financial aspects

12:15 Lunch

13:15 Theme: Managing and operations

15:15 Tea break

15:45: Theme: Communication, especially with citizens (Communicating Crowd Computing)

17:45 Closing keynote

18:15: Reception

Each theme session will have the following format:

15m Introduction to the session
15m Position/experience paper
15m Position/experience paper
20 minute discussion
15m Position/experience paper
15m Position/experience paper
20 minute discussion
5m Session wrap up

Theme: Financial aspects topics

Chair: Robert Lovas, SZTAKI & IDGF

- Financing crowd computing based on volunteers
- Getting commercial
- Project funding opportunities and experiences on European and national level
- Green IT aspects

Theme: Managing and operations

Chair: Jozsef Kovacs, SZTAKI & IDGF-SP

- Staffing over a longer period
- Is there an opportunity for IDGF certified software releases?
- Middleware options
- Integration into bigger e-infrastructures, the EGI example
- Green IT aspects

Theme: Communicating Crowd computing

Chair: Ad Emmen, AlmereGrid & IDGF

- Experiences with getting and keeping new volunteers
- Communication tools
- Working together with Crowd sourcing projects & e-infrastructures
- Green IT aspects