Workshop Workshop


Crowd Computing 2014

Citizen Science Technology Platforms

Date Workshop: 25 September 2014 (One day)

Welcome reception: 24 September 2014

The topic of "Crowd Computing 2014" is "Citizen Science Technology Platforms".

Interest in Citizen Science is growing rapidly. Crowd Sourcing and Crowd computing are giving it a boost. Most Citizen Science projects start out as a project developing their own support platform or using some general available packages.

Recently more general Citizen Science Platforms are emerging that try to support more projects. In Crowd computing some technology platforms are already in use for about a decade and have accumulated a wealth of experience.

Although each citizen science project is different and can appeal to a different need there are a number of services and tools that can be used and shared among many projects. This could also help citizens move easily between projects.


The workshop will focus on common tools and common services for Citizen Science Technology Platforms.

Topics include:

  • Crowd Computing technologies
  • Citizen/user management
  • Identity management across projects (Federated Identity management)
  • Data management
  • Portals and Gateways
  • Mobile app development
  • Security - Sensor networking
  • Cloud computing
  • Novel science and technology communication tools
  • Green IT

All of these will be addressed with a focus on Citizen Science Technology Platforms.


Crowd Computing 2014 is targeted at diverse audiences. The goal is to bring together: 

  • Persons running Citizen Science projects
  • Citizen Science technology platform operators and developers
  • Data management experts
  • Representatives from R&D projects that are developing tools that could be used by Citizen Science Technology Platforms
  • Crowd computing experts
  • Desktop Grid technology experts
  • Science communication experts
  • e-Infrastructure operators and developers
  • Representatives from European and national science policy organisations