Crowd Computing 2014 Crowd Computing 2014

Tutorial, Technical Meeting, Workshop

September 23 - 25, 2014, Almere/Amsterdam

The Crowd computing 2014  event brings together a community that is interested in several aspects of the field.

It kicks off with a 1 day tutorial, followed by a technical meeting of the International Desktop Grid Federation. A workshop about Citizen Science Technology platforms concludes the three-day event.

September 23, 2014 (tentative): One day tutorial on Crowd computing

September 24, 2014: IDGF scientific & member meeting

September 25, 2014: Crowd computing workshop

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Related events

In September, the Amsterdam/Almere region will be a focal point of international conferences related to Big Data and computing. An important event is the 4th plenary meeting of the Research Data Alliance  - with several satellite events, including an EGI meeting in Amsterdam Science Park.

The international Crowd Computing event in Almere will be complementary to these events, with its focus on Crowd computing, Citizen Science and BOINC technology. The synergy with Research Data Alliance's Fourth Plenary Meeting and the EGI Conference on Solutions and Challenges for Big Data Processing, nearby in Amsterdam, forms an excellent opportunity to welcome a diversified audience to the Crowd Computing Meeting, given the mutual interests shared among all these communities.